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Our Story

ThirdSpace has been at the very forefront of identity and access management for more than 15 years.

The experience of providing a well-managed identity forms the foundations of who we are today. Identity is the foundation for security and mobility.

We understand that the digital landscape is changing – this means your requirements are, too. Our long history of working with new technology challenges and responding to evolving customer needs has made us the globally-recognised, award-winning company we are today.


Lift off

ThirdSpace started out as Oxford Computer Group, originally an IT training business in the days of mainframes and PCs. However, the business was reborn as an identity and security services company in 2002, after its founders were inspired by the latest identity management technology at a Microsoft training event in Seattle.


Our first win

University West of England (UWE) was our first customer – and we’re still working with them today! Like most universities, student turnover, enablement and the loss of a third of their people every September was a challenge. We quickly implemented a platform that made the process cleaner and easier to manage.


The first summit

Our growth was evident by two things. Firstly, we were quickly running out of space in our offices. Secondly, we were in demand. We launched the first European MIIS User Group meeting, in partnership with Microsoft, to share the value of what was possible with these new technologies. Starting with 60 attendees in 2006, we now host more than 200 delegates every year, with speakers including Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson and Director of Program Management Alex Simons.


We’re Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Winner

We’d previously won Microsoft’s prestigious Partner of the Year Award in the form of Oxford Computer Training (in 1991, 1993 and 2000), but we scooped the coveted title for the first time as OCG in 2008, and then again in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018. And we’ve been a finalist 10 years running since 2007.


A bigger barn and more technology

We realised we were only going to get bigger, so we said goodbye to our first office and moved to bigger barn premises in Oxfordshire. The solution set was expanding and so was our capability, as cloud moved to the forefront of Microsoft’s thinking.


Expansion to Wales

Transitioning from identity expert to Microsoft’s go-to security partner meant expanding our services even further. With our Welsh roots and its great people, South Wales was the place to go to set up our managed services and support facility. So far we have created 30 jobs in South Wales.

What started out as support has evolved into managed services and is now our hub of research and development. This paved the way for our work in cyber security and customer identity and access management (CIAM), specialising in technologies across the Microsoft 365 stack.


Identity becomes key with cloud and mobility

Our expansion to South Wales also marked the beginning of our journey from traditional identity management to a focus on digital transformation.

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security product set a new benchmark for identity-driven solutions, and, in response to the changing market, we moved away from a perimeter-based approach to cloud and mobile, emphasising identity as the very core of a successful security strategy.


Identity beyond employees

Identity is no longer an employee-centric need. With the advent of cloud and explosion of apps and new devices, new ways to engage with customers and partners abound.

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) is key to customer engagement and new business models. Alignment with Microsoft’s Azure AD B2C and B2B products helped us meet our customers’ needs for a secure, frictionless experience for their customers.


Access Centre

With South Wales now established as our research and development hub, we launched Access Centre, a product designed to eliminate the administrative and logistical burden our customers face when securely on-boarding new users to their systems.


Security takes centre stage

The perimeter was eroding, driven by cloud and new mobile working practices. Old school security was not fit for purpose and the threat landscape was evolving. Then came governance aligned with privacy and security.

Forward-thinking companies invested in cloud and digital transformation and needed our help, so we invested in and built a cyber security practice to support customers on their journey to becoming more secure and compliant.


Cyber security partnership with The University of South Wales

The strength of the IT security industry depends on collaboration and emerging talent, so in 2018 we partnered with the first of its kind cyber security facility at The University of South Wales.

The partnership has helped us grow our cyber services and capability in working with the university and other security companies in South Wales, as well as foster an atmosphere of practical learning for the security experts of the future.


Winner Microsoft Security and Compliance Partner of the Year

Our fifth identity and/or security award and the most exciting to date – taking home the first Microsoft Security and Compliance Award.

Our work providing outstanding solutions and services in security and compliance – notably for our innovative Security and Privacy Service – has cemented our reputation as a distinguished Microsoft partner in identity and security.


Hello, ThirdSpace!

Over the last 15+ years, Oxford Computer Group UK has grown and evolved with changing business needs, emerging technology challenges and shifting market demand. In 2018, the time was right for a brand that truly represents the sphere in which we’d built up our prestigious reputation. Representing where we have come from, defining who we are today and who we want to be in the future.

With control comes freedom. We want to enable our customers to securely embrace a modern and mobile way of working, occupying the ground that bridges security and access, and transforming the way people and businesses relate to technology. Our solutions provide protection and enable our customers to engage at home, at work or indeed anywhere – a third space.

ThirdSpace are Microsoft Identity and Security experts that provide the control to liberate.

Our People

Our people are central to everything we do.

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Unrivalled expertise in security, identity and access technology.

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Want to be a part of our future?

Visit our careers page and learn more about the opportunities available at ThirdSpace.

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Award-winning solutions Award-winning solutions

Eight-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Identity Management, Enterprise Mobility, Security and Compliance.


Welcome to ThirdSpace, the new home (and new name) for Oxford Computer Group UK.

Oxford Computer Group UK officially rebranded as ThirdSpace in the UK on 16 October. This rebrand reflects our broadening identity and security solutions, as working practices extend from the office and home into working flexibly and collaboratively from anywhere – Your "ThirdSpace".

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