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ThirdSpace Pandemic Planning

This page details the actions ThirdSpace is taking in response to coronavirus (COVID-19). Last updated: 9 December 2021.

We have written this statement to outline the current measures that we are taking and to assure our clients that we have the processes and controls in place to support business continuity.

ThirdSpace is monitoring the ongoing situation relating to coronavirus (COVID-19). We are following the advice issued by the Government, ACAS and other sources to ensure the health and well-being of our team members and clients. We will continue to monitor and react accordingly as the situation develops.

Since Monday, 16 March 2020, ThirdSpace has been operating a remote working plan. In line with government guidance, it remains ThirdSpace policy to continue to work from home. We anticipate that most of our clients will also follow this guidance, but where client offices are re-opened, we expect that remote working will continue to be effective and appropriate. Where there is a compelling reason to meet face-to-face, we will consider this so long as we are satisfied that it is possible to do so safely.

We have provided our team members with guidance that minimises contact and advises following NHS and government guidelines.

Current measures

The following table is taken from the ACAS website. The right-hand column sets out how ThirdSpace has acted against the advice provided.

ACAS advice ThirdSpace response
Keep everyone updated on actions being taken to reduce risks of exposure in the workplace. Using standard internal communications measures, including the regular cadence of “All Hands Calls”, the ThirdSpace team has and will continue to be updated on this subject as required.
Make sure managers know how to spot symptoms of coronavirus and are clear on any relevant processes.

For example, sickness reporting and sick pay, and procedures in case someone in the workplace develops the virus.
Advice to managers has been provided as part of regular governance meetings and internal communications activities, including links to various websites that are being used to monitor updates and drive our actions and responses.
Consider if any travel planned to affected areas is essential. ThirdSpace has implemented its remote working policy for all staff, and we continue to encourage staff to wash and sanitise their hands regularly to reduce the chance of infection and avoid the spread of disease.

Travel planning will be considered by ThirdSpace’s directors on a case by case basis, but, at this time, it has been eliminated.
Make sure everyone's contact numbers and emergency contact details are up to date. ThirdSpace uses an HR system called Bamboo HR to manage all staff contact details. This system is regularly audited by the HR team.
Make sure there are clean places to wash hands with hot water and soap, and encourage everyone to wash their hands regularly. ThirdSpace offices are fit for purpose. Internal communications have been made to encourage everyone to wash their hands regularly, along with signage in our office locations. Field staff have been encouraged to comply, whether at home or at client locations.
Consider if protective face masks might help for people working in particularly vulnerable situations. ThirdSpace does not consider the use of protective face masks to be a useful addition currently. Any team member that requests the use of face masks for their personal use will be supported.


Do you have a pandemic plan or are you currently planning?  If not, why have you chosen not to plan?

ThirdSpace has a Business Continuity plan, which includes our approach to pandemic planning. In addition, we are taking measures as outlined above to ensure that our team members are in the best possible position to react to scenarios as they are presented.

If you have a plan, can you share this with us? If not, can you provide us with a statement outlining the scenarios you are planning for that will enable you to continue to provide support to us?

ThirdSpace is a provider of identity and access management solutions. The work that we do for our clients is typically centred around the notion of working securely from any location to promote productivity, reduce risk and optimise availability.

ThirdSpace are extremely well placed to be able to continue service provision to our clients without interruption, using our standard remote working tools and processes.

  • Where clients ask us to deliver our services remotely as opposed to collaborating on site, we will support that request.
  • We will work with our clients on a case by case basis to support any specific requests related to controls that have been put in place relating to coronavirus.

Our aim is to continue service provision 'business as usual’. This is aligned to the constraints that have been recommended by the Government, NHS and our partner organisations (e.g. Microsoft).

What level of support can we expect from you during this pandemic level event?  Will this be in line with our standard SLAs that we have in place with you, and can you confirm what these are?  If not, can you confirm what these will be with particular reference to incident response and resolution times?

ThirdSpace will continue to operate with standard SLAs, including incident response and resolution times, for as long as possible. Our remote working capabilities, collaboration tools and workforce support this approach.

The most significant risk to service provision for ThirdSpace is the unavailability of team members to deliver services. At this time, we class that as medium risk given our geographical locations and the controls and best practices that have been communicated and executed by team members. These include self-isolation as a precaution and a focus on personal hygiene.

Given the precautions taken, ThirdSpace believes that it has mitigated risk to a level that allows us to continue to operate effectively.

ThirdSpace will contact client nominated individuals as required should there be any degradation in service provision.

Can you confirm whether there would be any expected change to the communication methods we should use to contact you and, if there would be a change, what the contact methods during a pandemic event should be?

There will be no changes to the designated ways of communication. However, clients are encouraged to use the CC function to add the following e-mail addresses to communications as required:

  • Support: raise tickets using the Sunrise application or copy as appropriate.
  • Projects: copy

ThirdSpace is committed to ensuring that precautionary measures are put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our team members and our clients.

In line with guidance for all employees to work from home, what measures have you taken to ensure their well-being and health is sustained, in order to perform their ongoing duties and commitments?

We have created a specific communications channel and news hub, for leadership and employees to share updates, concerns, as well as good-news stories.

We have provided signposting to employees for further advice and support, including employee assistance programmes if they are worried about their situation.

We have instigated an initiative, allowing flexible working hours for all employees, particularly those managing their children's education due to school closures

We are actively encouraging employees to take regular breaks from their working environment and where possible, within the limits imposed, encouraging exercise outside.

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