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30 April 2019

Adopt and adapt: Creating a truly modern workspace

Headshot of HR Assistant Christie Smith.
Written by Christie Smith

The future of the workforce has never been higher on the agenda for businesses as technology enables new ways of working.

All businesses, ThirdSpace included, face many challenges from the workplace demands of the next generation, as well as the ruthless pace of new technologies and the need to adopt and adapt. As employees, technology can enhance our jobs, giving us the autonomy we want to be able to work from wherever and however we choose.

The stats speak for themselves

A study by FlexJobs in 2016 found that working parents ranked workplace flexibility ahead of salary, with 84% stating this as their single most important factor when looking for a job. Work-life balance came in at a close second, with 80% of people choosing this as a key factor.

A more recent study by Forbes in 2018 states that over half of employees now demand increased workplace flexibility from their employers – and would be tempted to move if this doesn’t materialise. So, we can see there has been consistent demand for flexible working and that it only continues to grow.

Looking ahead to the future workforce, specifically Generation Z, workplace flexibility is again a key factor in achieving a committed workforce – this time with an emphasis on working anytime and anywhere. An option to work remotely or in co-working spaces with portable office furniture is important to them.

Finding the right balance to drive positive economic outcomes, whilst also ensuring employees have meaningful careers are some of the key ingredients that allow businesses to attract a diverse pool of talent.

Here at ThirdSpace, we believe it’s important to proactively seek out this balance, combining both modern technologies and human creativity.

ThirdSpace has not only invested money into my learning and development, but time, support and faith in me, which is priceless. I’m super excited about what the future will bring.

Emma-Lee Norman ThirdSpace

We practice what we preach

Here at ThirdSpace, we take advantage of the freedom that we enable in others – and apply it to ourselves to create a truly modern workplace. We do this in a number of ways:

1. Leadership supports and promotes our ethos

Our workplace is driven by how technology empowers people to do their best work. The mindset of ThirdSpace managers is to remove the idea of a hierarchy and promote a more entrepreneurial culture.

We invest in training our managers to understand how to best empower and promote a more flexible, remote and diverse workforce. This trickle-down effect allows us to embrace a team of highly talented and motivated individuals who achieve great results.

2. Enabling a great work/life balance

We ensure our staff are supported, rewarded and developed whilst on their journey with us. We also recognise there’s more to life than work! With our employees input, we provide a wide range of employee benefits and technologies to give our team the flexibility they need to suit their lifestyles.

3. A fun place to be

We also recognise the need for human interaction and team building. We promote group activities such as five-a-side football, allowing our employees to blow off some steam and get to know those they wouldn’t usually see daily.

We also like to celebrate successes and reward star performers at our All Hands events. This is an opportunity for us to get together, pick up some new skills and understand our contribution to the wider business objectives. It really is a highlight of the year!

Some of the ThirdSpace team posing for a photo before a friendly five-a-side kickabout.

4. Supporting the wider community

Through the freedom our employees have, we support the wider community and get involved in various charitable events from Red Nose Day to Christmas card giving, to name a few.

However, community doesn’t just mean charity, it also involves our neighbouring institutions. We support activities of the Cyber Academy at the University of South Wales, Newport, helping students flourish in their studies and assisting them in achieving success in their chosen future careers.

5. The flexibility to work in your chosen “ThirdSpace”

One of our greatest opportunities is being creative with our work space. The working day is defined by our employees and their commitments to clients, workload and the wider business.

As we’ve seen, flexible working is consistently one of the top three things people look for in an employer, often rating higher than pay and rewards. With employment rates being at their lowest in years, such perks are needed to help businesses sustain a more committed, high-performing and diverse workforce.

These combined efforts, alongside regular reviews, help us create better outcomes from our work, our employees and the wider economy.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date with all our latest news and career opportunities.

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Headshot of HR Assistant Christie Smith.

About Christie Smith

HR Assistant

As ThirdSpace's HR Assistant, Christie is responsible for welcoming new starters, managing our wellbeing initiatives and encouraging involvement with all social events.


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