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14 November 2019

A day in the life of a ThirdSpace Internal Sales Executive

Headshot of HR Assistant Christie Smith.
Written by Christie Smith

Our Internal Sales Executives are a key part of the sales team, providing a first touchpoint for clients and helping tailor the solutions that will suit them best.

I sat down with ThirdSpace sales executive, Connor Warner, to find out what his day-to-day looks like and what he’s finding most rewarding (and challenging) about life in sales.

Hi Connor. Would you mind giving us an introduction to yourself and your role here at ThirdSpace?

My name is Connor and I’m an Internal Sales Executive for ThirdSpace. I have been here just over a year and joined on the day of the rebrand, which was a little different but very exciting!

Before that, I had just graduated from Bournemouth University with a master’s degree in finance. I loved my time at University, it was amazing living near a beach in summer. I was also heavily involved in the Ultimate Frisbee Society, I played for three years and even competed at national level. It was great fun and not your usual choice of sport, so I thought, why not?!

More recently, a team of colleagues and I completed the Welsh Three Peaks Trial, which was really good fun! It was great to get to know the rest of my colleagues outside of the work environment. Undoubtedly it was tiring and a team effort, but we managed to complete it which gave me a real sense of achievement.

Amazing, well done! Can you tell us a little more about your responsibilities?

I am aligned to two of our Account Directors and work very closely with them. I am the first point of engagement with clients when they show interest in our activities, e-guides, events or any other material. Working with prospective clients, I look to see if there’s value in them becoming a client by understanding their needs and if our solutions will benefit them. I will use several tools to help me identify their requirements and map out the best path forward.

The limited cold calling element is what drew me to working for ThirdSpace. We have a slightly different approach which is focused on scoping out needs and how we can best help, so it’s solutions focused. Taking the time to find out what works for people, in a friendly and relaxed way, is a much more effective way to build relationships. We focus on solving their problem and not just making a sale and this way of working really fits in with my values.

“I feel motivated to do a really good job for a company that looks after me and one where my thoughts count.”

Sounds great, so what does a typical day look like for you?

I usually arrive at the office for 8.30am. As I’m learning to drive I take the train, but our office is a short walk away from the station which can be lovely on a summer’s day, not so much fun in the rain! Once at my desk I fix myself and anyone else with a drink and fire up the laptop. I start by going through emails, identifying tasks to work through. From this I define what my accomplishments look like for the day by prioritising and getting on with them!

No day is ever the same, there are always new people to speak with, new challenges to face. I never find myself bored and I love the variety of work I have. Getting to know people and having different conversations is a nice perk of the business.

Some days I may need to attend meetings offsite or assist with events, this adds a lot of variety to my role and isn’t something I see many businesses offer.

I may also attend a few internal meetings, this is usually on a Monday when the sales team get together. We have a nice small team, so I really enjoy speaking with my colleagues and learning about different opinions and approaches. In some businesses I imagine you would feel like a lost cog in a big machine, but at ThirdSpace your thoughts always matter which makes for a great working environment.

I usually leave between 4.30-5pm. As mentioned earlier, I am learning to drive so it’s lovely to have the flexibility to go back home and be ready for my lessons. I love the fact ThirdSpace are helpful and willing to accommodate. Equally, you must be willing to stay if a client needs you, which can happen from time to time. Flexibility, trust and effort from both sides is key.

Do you think there is anything that separates ThirdSpace from other places you’ve worked?

This is a tricky question as I am fresh from University. I worked part-time during uni so have had exposure to other businesses. Compared to other businesses I would say ThirdSpace are far more employee focused. Being a relatively small business, you get to know everyone and meet lots of different people who are all lovely!

You are accommodated should you ever need flexibility and can integrate life into your career, which really works for me. I feel motivated to do a really good job for a company that looks after me and one where my thoughts count.

I like going to the different events and I get plenty of training so when I meet clients face-to-face I am far more confident in my conversations.

Thanks for that. What advice would you give to someone considering working at ThirdSpace?

Something I learnt from stepping into the job market is to be yourself and don’t try to be the person you think they want. Being relaxed at interviews helps you figure out if you and they want to work together, it’s a two-way process.

Other than that, you need to be determined, personable and willing to deal with defeat. You must be able to pick yourself up and go for it! Don’t be worried, relax and have fun. There is always plenty going on and everyone gets along. I would recommend ThirdSpace to anyone!

Sound good? Get in touch!

We are hiring for several roles across our offices in Oxford and Cwmbran as well as remote workers.

To find out more about our available roles and to see where you can help us succeed, why not send me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

Finally, be sure to follow us on social and keep up to date with all our latest news!

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Want more great content? Subscribe to the ThirdSpace mailing list!

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Headshot of HR Assistant Christie Smith.

About Christie Smith

People Team and Culture Assistant

As ThirdSpace's People Team and Culture Assistant, Christie is responsible for welcoming new starters, managing our wellbeing initiatives, and encouraging involvement with all social events. Prior to...


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