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Oxford Computer Group UK presents its new identity: ThirdSpace.

ThirdSpace is our next step on the road toward enabling a secure digital future.

On 16 October 2018, Oxford Computer Group (OCG) UK officially rebranded to become ThirdSpace. Over the past 16 years we’ve evolved to become much more than just the UK’s go-to experts in Microsoft identity and security solutions, and we felt that the time was right for a change.

Home space. Work space. ThirdSpace.

Although we’re still very much a part of the wider Oxford Computer Group family (legally, we’re still the same entity), and we continue to partner with them, we needed a new identity for ourselves that better reflected our offerings, values and approach.

We believe that with control comes freedom. When you have control over who has access to your systems, then you are free to work creatively, flexibly and collaboratively.

With identity now powering modern cyber security solutions, we’ve added cloud identity, consumer identity, B2B collaboration, and security and compliance into our solution offering. We’ve evolved as working practices have evolved; from office or home working to working anywhere, anytime and on any device – a ‘third space’.

Thus, ThirdSpace was born. A new, modern identity for a digital age, with a renewed focus on powering strong identity, access and security solutions for organisations looking to establish and secure themselves for the future.

The control to liberate

ThirdSpace would prove to be a change in much more than just name. The rebrand process allowed us to review everything about ourselves: our processes and services, what our work means to our clients, and what the business means to us as employees.

Building on our 16 years of experience in the identity and access management sector, as well as our close relationship with Microsoft and partners, our transition to ThirdSpace was a natural evolution of our offerings and approach. At ThirdSpace’s core, there exists a single, unifying idea: we provide the control to liberate.

Adapt. Adopt. Evolve.

As the world and workplace has evolved, so too has our service catalogue. Building on our strong identity foundations we expanded into enterprise mobility offerings in 2014, launched our own IP solution, Access Centre, in 2016 and then reinforced our identity and mobility solutions through the development of our cyber security practice.

This culminated in our being awarded the 2018 Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Security and Compliance (we’ve now won a Partner of the Year award eight times), in recognition of our new Security and Privacy Service.

Five years ago, the world changed. It went mobile, it went cloud, so our solutions developed to protect devices, people and data.

Neil Coughlan Chief Strategy Officer

Cyber security only continues to become more and more important as our lives move online, so we created the Current State Assessment to allow businesses and organisations to quickly understand their current security posture and easily see where improvements can be made. A service that Microsoft recognised as a useful process for businesses to undertake, hence making us their chosen partner for matters of security and compliance.

Coupling our identity and security solutions with our extensive support services has allowed us to craft ThirdSpace into an effective digital transformation engine, designed to build and sustain smart solutions for organisations at any stage of their journey.

But our solutions wouldn’t be anything without the people behind them. One of the top reasons clients choose to work with us is because of the people who make ThirdSpace what it is. Our expertise, agility and dedication to providing an excellent service permeates every aspect of the business, from sales through to delivery.

We frequently encounter unique client challenges. Thankfully our team of expert architects and technical support staff love a new challenge, and consistently excel in producing a highly tailored solutions that go above and beyond expectations.

To that end our developers regularly create bespoke technologies, which sometimes go on to become fully fledged products of their own, such as our identity solution Access Centre, which continues to gain new features and functionality that allow it to operate across the B2C, B2B and education spheres.

So, whether it be that first phone call or email, attending a webinar or event, a workshop to assess requirements, through to the completion of a project, clients can rest assured that we will be professional, approachable and effective at every turn.

New identity, continued excellence

We aim to continue to develop and invest in our key areas of identity, mobility and security, all of which contribute toward making sure organisations can operate as effectively and securely as possible. As new threats and technologies emerge, we’ll adapt and evolve alongside them to keep you one step ahead.

The world has changed a great deal since we started out, with new technology powering new ways of working, transforming industries but also bringing new dangers with it. With our key values of quality, agility and respect we’ll never not be driven to excel and overcome whatever challenge comes next.

ThirdSpace is the next step on our journey as a business. Taking our years of achievement and excellence as Oxford Computer Group UK and investing it in the future. We go forward, proud of our past, looking toward a secure and free digital future. So, join us in helping to create that future, together.

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Eight-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Identity Management, Enterprise Mobility, and Security and Compliance.

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