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Filter Resources On-demand Webinar
22 July 2021

Understanding Microsoft’s information protection and compliance tools

Reduce the risk of a costly data breach and regain visibility and control over who has access to sensitive documents and how they’re shared – without impacting productivity.

On-demand Webinar
08 July 2021

Identity and zero trust for the new hybrid world

A walkthrough of the key steps required to manage identities in complex environments – through the lens of zero trust.

On-demand Webinar
17 June 2021

Azure Sentinel Demo: SIEM reinvented for a modern world

Get under the hood of Microsoft's leading cloud SIEM – and see what it could do for your security.

On-demand Webinar
20 May 2021

Microsoft Security Masterclass – Understand how Microsoft 365 and Azure security work together

Get the most out of your Microsoft security licensing and quickly improve your cyber defences with this 60-minute masterclass.

On-demand Webinar
11 May 2021

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Demo: Cutting-edge phishing protection for your users

See for yourself how Microsoft provide leading protection against malicious URLs and files across email and applications.

On-demand Webinar
15 April 2021

A guide to deploying passwordless authentication

Passwordless authentication is a must for organisations to achieve robust security and ward off attackers. Discover how it works and how to deploy it in your organisation with this guide.

On-demand Webinar
18 March 2021

The magic behind external identity management

Give your users the smooth and secure sign-in experience they deserve with Azure AD B2B and B2C.

On-demand Webinar
24 February 2021

Is it time to rethink your federated identity strategy?

Learn how to protect your key cloud-based assets by applying cloud-native authentication to your on-premises infrastructure.

On-demand Webinar
28 January 2021

Microsoft Defender Demo: Extended detection and response to secure your remote workers

See for yourself how Microsoft Defender can enhance your threat detection and response capabilities across your entire IT estate.

On-demand Webinar
09 December 2020

Azure AD Identity Governance Demo: Is user access your security Kryptonite?

Take a deep dive into Azure AD's identity governance features. See who has access – and what they're doing with it.

07 December 2020

Choosing your managed security services partner (MSSP)

A step-by-step guide to selecting your perfect security partner – where you need support, what you should be looking for and the questions you need to ask.

On-demand Webinar
20 October 2020

Mobile device and desktop management – post COVID-19

Discover how to provide a seamless and secure end-to-end device management experience in a remote working world.

On-demand Webinar
20 October 2020

Changing user behaviour for the new remote working norm

With remote working here to stay, how can organisations ensure their people can be at their best regardless of where they are?

On-demand Webinar
24 September 2020

How to get to the promised land of Zero Trust security

Discover how to adopt a holistic approach to your IT security with Zero Trust - featuring practical tips on how to get started.

On-demand Webinar
28 July 2020

How to simplify access, reduce risk and stay compliant in the new era of work

Deliver the flexible access your workforce expects all while maintaining control with effective identity governance tools.

Award-winning solutions Award-winning solutions

Eight-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Identity Management, Enterprise Mobility, and Security and Compliance.

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