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Cyber Security Solutions

Stay one step ahead of the bad guys with a cyber security solution from ThirdSpace. Get the visibility, capability, and agility you need to protect your critical systems and sensitive data.

We all know that when it comes to cyber-attacks, the question is “when” not “if”.

There are 65,000 attempted cyber attacks on UK SMEs every day.

Cybersecurity: Building Business Resilience, Robert Walters Group

Cyber criminals are constantly evolving their techniques to exploit opportunities presented by our connected, data-driven world. As businesses struggle to keep pace with digital transformation, attacks grow in frequency and sophistication.

“…knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” John Allen Paulos

You can’t prepare for every eventuality. You don’t have unlimited budget, resources, skills or knowledge to take a blanket approach to cyber security.

What you need is a proactive, targeted, common sense approach that gives your organisation confidence that when the inevitable does happen, your business-critical applications and information are well protected.

We can help you:

  • Identify and resolve gaps in your current security approach and capability
  • Prioritise risks and expedite your response to threats across your estate
  • Reduce the strain on your IT team – focus on the activities that really matter
  • Optimise spend – get the best security possible within your budget
e-Guide – Choosing your managed security services partner (MSSP)

e-Guide – Choosing your managed security services partner (MSSP)

A step-by-step guide to selecting your perfect security partner – where you need support, what you should be looking for and the questions you need to ask. Discover:

  • How to assess where your security posture needs support
  • The types of MSSP service on offer – and which is right for you
  • A checklist of the questions you should definitely be asking
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Digital opportunities and cyber threats

A move to the Cloud and a remote working model has enabled anytime, anywhere productivity – but it has increased the attack surface for cyber criminals.

Your challenges:


Inadequate experience and expertise to design and implement cutting-edge security controls.


Security technologies lack integration. Inability to surface important insights with poor intelligence.


Inappropriate operational and governance controls to effectively manage your security function.


Insufficient capacity and/or capability to respond quickly to the latest security threats.

Excellent product knowledge, as you would expect, but on top of this they demonstrated their ability to translate this to our environment and exercised a great deal of flexibility in delivering the solution we needed.

Yodel Delivery Network

ThirdSpace's consultants worked closely with our team throughout the process. They have always been very responsive to our needs. They’re flexible and extremely knowledgeable.

RSA Group

Excellent customer service. Project managed and delivered by experienced personnel who take a pride in delivering for their customer.

John Pryor Project Manager National Trust

A comprehensive cyber security approach

Get the capabilities you need to protect, detect, respond, contain – and recover.

Our solutions and services include:

Strategic, Technical, and Operational Security Consultancy

Ensure you have a robust, holistic security approach that mitigates both technical and operational risks. Our security architects will help you develop a roadmap that quickly uplifts your current security posture – and ensures you get the most value and protection from your Microsoft technology investments.

Risk Assessment

Identify the most prevalent risks in your business sector – and understand whether your current IT/security strategy provides adequate visibility and coverage. Your resources and budget are finite – we’ll ensure your investments protect what matters most without compromising overall business performance.

Threat Monitoring and Incident Response

Cut the time and the cost of threat detection and response. Our managed service provides continuous threat monitoring and hunting in your environment. We’ll cut through the noise, identify genuine threats, and ensure you have the best threat intelligence and advice to mitigate the impact of a cyber-attack. Learn more.

Security Posture Assessment

A Security Posture Assessment evaluates your security and privacy posture against industry standards. The service uses dashboards to clearly visualise gaps and risks with your current approach – with remediation advice providing a clear roadmap to put things right. Learn more.

Virtual CISO

As your virtual CISO, we’ll take responsibility for ensuring your security initiatives and investments are aligned to your business’s requirements. Available as a standalone service or to support your inhouse CISO, we can bridge the budget and skills gaps that would otherwise leave your business exposed to unnecessary security and compliance risks.

SOC Readiness Assessment

Gain a thorough understanding of your local SOC capability with a deep dive into your people, processes, and technology. A SOC Readiness Assessment provides in-depth analysis of your current monitoring scope, technology estate, critical assets, sector-related risks and threats, and legislative and regulatory requirements.

Inhouse vs. Outsourced SOC?

Take the SOC Capability Assessment today and pick up your free report. Understand what it takes to develop a threat monitoring capability – and which option is right for you.

  • An itemised breakdown of the requirements to develop a SOC inhouse.
  • A cost comparison of inhouse vs. outsourced – including potential savings.
  • The 5 factors you must not overlook when making your final decision.
Take my assessment

Zero trust, 100% security confidence

Our solutions and services embrace a Zero Trust approach to cyber security – all activity is malicious until proven otherwise. It ensures the controls we put in in place are fit for today’s challenges – and prepared for whatever new threats and business changes emerge.

You’ll benefit from:

Complete visibility

Identify suspicious and malicious activities across your entire estate before the damage is done.

Fast threat response

Stop attackers in their tracks. Zero in on genuine security incidents and respond quickly and effectively.

Positive ROI

Understand your biggest risks, unearth ‘quick wins’, and target your spending on what matters most.

Lower costs

Remove expensive recruitment, training, and infrastructure costs – and consolidate your Microsoft investment.

Confident compliance

Peace of mind that your business can identify and satisfy existing and emerging regulatory obligations.

Business agility

Robust security solutions that have one eye on the future, so you can flex as new challenges emerge.

Case studies


Microsoft security suite pays dividends for a UK asset management company’s security posture

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A Stirling approach to threat protection in the higher education sector

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Engineering a new culture of data protection and governance for a world-leading professional services provider

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How to choose a managed security partner

Get the e-Guide – includes a free checklist to assess a security partner’s credentials.

Get free e-Guide

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Eight-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Identity Management, Enterprise Mobility, and Security and Compliance.

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