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Information Protection Solutions

Your data is invaluable – you can't afford to let it get into the wrong hands. Our Information Protection solutions will help keep your data classified, under control – and secure.

Modern tools for remote working and productivity mean your users are creating more data than ever before.

Throw collaboration and sharing into the mix, and it’s all too easy to lose track of where your sensitive information resides, who’s accessing it, and what they are doing with it.

88% of organisations have no confidence in their ability to detect and prevent sensitive data loss.

Forrester ‘Security Concerns, Approaches and Technology Adoption’ Report (2018).

At ThirdSpace, we help businesses like yours develop information protection strategies that identify and protect their sensitive information.

You’ll get the tools you need to monitor and control inappropriate sharing – and minimise the risk of a costly data breach.

We can help you:

  • Detect and locate sensitive corporate data across all environments
  • Implement data classification policies that are easily adopted by users
  • Secure your data with portable encryption and loss prevention controls
  • Adopt trusted strategies and tools to reduce security and compliance risks
Watch now: Understanding Microsoft's information protection tools

Watch now: Understanding Microsoft's information protection tools

Take back control of your data and documents. Find out how Microsoft's information protection tools help you to:

  • Find and protect sensitive corporate data across all environments
  • Implement and adopt clever data classification controls
  • Secure data wherever it lives – no matter who it’s shared with
Watch now

Big data, big risk

Your organisation is producing and receiving more complex data than ever before.

Data access

There’s no easy way to ensure only the right people have safe access to the data they need.


There’s neither visibility of where your sensitive data is being stored nor how it’s being used.

User friction

Current security systems and tools are complicated to understand, with staff showing resistance.


You're unable to give external partners access to the data they need – or you can't stop inappropriate sharing.


You can't demonstrate comprehensive data protection is in place to meet industry regulations.


Data protection isn’t embedded into your user tools – or it's impacting productivity.

ThirdSpace's consultants worked closely with our team throughout the process. They have always been very responsive to our needs. They’re flexible and extremely knowledgeable.

RSA Group

Without question the best out there. They provide a very well rounded and detailed service from initial consultation to implementation, project management and training, and offer quality guidance and advice at every step.

Programme Manager Hampshire Constabulary

ThirdSpace's willingness to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in is the reason we are enjoying the success we have today.

Human Tissue Authority

A comprehensive information protection solution

Take charge of sensitive data and reduce your compliance risks.

Our solutions take care of:

Data discovery

Gain visibility and understanding of how much sensitive data you have in your environment and where it’s located.


Understand content sensitivity by manually or automatically applying data classification to your documents.

Secured access

Ensure only authenticated users and partners can access sensitive documents – wherever they are stored – and control what they can do with that content.

User adoption

Define your data classification policies, educate users, and embed easy-to-use systems and tools across your organisation.

Simplified collaboration control

Make it easy for document owners to apply the correct level of access – with classifications that stay with documents wherever they are stored.

Data loss prevention

Monitor and control your data to stop sensitive information intentionally – or unintentionally – leaving your organisation.

Learn more about MIP

Microsoft Information Protection

Every ThirdSpace information protection solution is powered by Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) services.

Embedded within Microsoft 365, our services give you flexible protection across – and beyond – your Microsoft tenants.

These unified services mean your classification policies and controls can be centrally managed and consistently applied across your entire environment.

Learn more about MIP

Handle your data with care

We’ll help you implement and embed an information protection strategy that balances robust data security with user productivity requirements.

You’ll benefit from:

Happy staff

Simplify data classification by using tools your users are familiar – and comfortable – with.


Apply data classification with out-of-the-box, custom, and machine learning-based identifiers.

Cloud-based protection

Gain portable protection for your data – both inside and outside your organisation.


Stop or minimise inappropriate sharing of sensitive content in documents and messages.


Know – and have the ability to prove – where your data is stored at all times to reduce the risk of a penalty.

Centralised management

Administer your labels, controls, and policies from a single portal across Microsoft 365.

Case studies

Engineering a new culture of data protection and governance for a world-leading professional services provider

Read More

Understanding Microsoft’s information protection tools

Watch the webinar and take back control of your data and documents.

Watch now

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Award-winning solutions Award-winning solutions

Eight-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Identity Management, Enterprise Mobility, and Security and Compliance.

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