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Registration for 2021’s event will open soon. In the meantime, find out what you missed last year…

Our 1-day programme was jam-packed with presentations and workshops, with keynotes from leading figures shaping Microsoft’s identity and security strategy.

Tuesday, 20 October
Tuesday, 20 October 09:00 – 09:30

Registration and virtual orientation

Virtual Event Lobby
Take a little time to familiarise yourself with the virtual event platform, set up your avatar, chat to friends - and strap in for a jam-packed day of fun and learning.
09:30 – 09:40

Welcome to the ThirdSpace Summit

Main Theatre
Nick Lamidey, Director
Nick kicks off the Summit with some top tips on how to make the most of your day, including some exciting reveals and prizes.
09:40 – 10:10

Security challenges in a post-COVID world

Main Theatre
Cheryl Martin, Senior Managing Partner (Gartner)
Stay ahead of the hackers!

Backed by Gartner statistics, Cheryl will provide real world insight on the developing trends in security - and what your organisation should be planning for!
10:10 – 10:50

Microsoft’s identity vision

Main Theatre
Alex Simons, Corporate Vice President of Program Management (Microsoft Identity Division)
A year has passed, and we have a raft of new technology innovations to showcase on Microsoft’s Identity and Azure AD roadmap.

Get the inside track on all the important developments direct from the source. Did someone say zero trust?
10:50 – 11:00

Client stories – Seamless and secure external access at Beazley

Main Theatre
Discover how we've helped Beazley overcome its IAM challenges - and reach its goals.
11:00 – 11:40

Building a holistic security strategy

Main Theatre
Sian John, Chief Security Advisor (Microsoft)
Sian takes us through how to secure employees wherever they may be.

Understand the holistic Microsoft security offering and how it underpins digital transformation.

Including some key announcements from Ignite.
11:40 – 12:10

The promised land of zero trust - and how to get there

Main Theatre
Mat Richards, Head of Mobility and Security
Assume breach, always verify! Alex and Sian showed you what it is - we’ll show you how to get there.

Understand your organisation’s readiness for zero trust and learn practical implementation steps.

Mat will take you through the key components of zero trust: identities, devices, apps, data, infrastructure, and network.
12:10 – 12:20

Client stories – An accelerated path to security and compliance at Liontrust

Main Theatre
Liontrust will talk through its end-to-end security partnership with ThirdSpace. From visualising its current state and planning its security uplift roadmap, to implementation, compliance improvements and adoption.
12:20 – 12:50

Cyber Threats SOS – A DIY or MSS approach?

Main Theatre
Greg Heard, Security Managed Services Lead
What are the key factors you must consider when deciding on your managed security services (MSS) approach for protecting your organisation?

Greg will address SIEM tool selection, SecOps resourcing, and key questions to ask when comparing in-house vs. outsourced options.
12:50 – 1:00

Closing remarks

Main Theatre
Nick Lamidey, Director
Nick will close out the session with some final thoughts, highlighting some of our top afternoon activities, and explaining our range of lunch and networking options.
1:00 - 1:30

Munch and mingle

Networking Lounge
Grab a bite and browse the exhibitor booths. And don't forget to check out the various ‘lunch and learn’ chat rooms in our networking lounge.
1:30 – 2:30 Session one workshops – take your pick

Choose ONE workshop between the 1:30 – 2:30 time slot.

We’ve scheduled a mix of business value, technical and cross-functional workshops to suit different interest areas within your organisation.

If you’ve come as a group, it’s time to split up and cover all bases! Can’t choose? They all look amazing? Don’t worry, they’re all being recorded, and you can watch them back on-demand at your leisure.

Decentralised identity management is the future

The Workshop Hall
Dave Guest, Technology Evangelist
Get the skinny on Microsoft’s plans for blockchain and decentralised identity. Understand how it reduces risk and improves compliance, trust and transparency. Includes Matthijs Hoekstra from Microsoft. More

Imagine managing one single user ID for the rest of time? Understand the differences between distributed and decentralised identity. Learn who holds and ratifies identities. And discover how this approach can be used to control access.

Dave will show you how Microsoft is planning to link users’ various distributed identities and access rights together to provide a secure method for people to provide details about themselves in a controlled manner. See how you can link these entities to systems, services, and companies to enable the user artefacts to be used as part of the verification/validation for seamless cross platform access.

Building zero trust into your organisation

The Workshop Hall
Luke Rees, Consultant
A closer look at what zero trust security is.

We’ll take you through the various stages of zero trust maturity so you can assess readiness and practical next steps for implementation.

The traditional security perimeter has gone. With threats now coming at you from all directions, unverified trust can leave your organisation dangerously exposed.

We’ll explore the principles of zero trust, how it works, and the best route organisations should plot to get to the promised land of zero trust.

You’ll learn:

  • How Zero Trust provides a holistic approach for cyber protection
  • The importance of an ‘assume breach’ security mindset
  • About just-in-time and just-enough-access policies
  • The six key components of a successful zero trust environment
  • Top tips on how to get started on your journey

Harness the power of Azure AD External Identities

The Workshop Hall
Marcus Idle, Head of CIAM
Discover the ‘art of the possible’ for seamless and secure external access in Azure AD.

Marcus Idle and Microsoft’s external identity product managers provide a high-level overview of developments in B2B and B2C access.

Get the lowdown on the latest B2B and B2C external identity developments in Azure AD.

Understand how organisations similar to your own have solved their external access challenges – and discover the range of exciting new functionality on the Azure External Identities roadmap, including hot off the press updates from Microsoft Ignite.

Up close and personnel - connecting all apps and users

The Workshop Hall
Simon Veale, Identity Architect
One for the techies.

Our identity experts deliver a masterclass on common challenges with user provisioning, lifecycle management and more - for complex hybrid and cloud infrastructures. This workshop is also delivered by Ian Bassi, Identity Consultant.

Simon and Ian will take you on a journey – setting up a new user in a SaaS HCM system with a typically complex hybrid environment.

You’ll learn:

  • How to provision users from HR to your identity systems using the Azure AD provisioning app
  • How to easily connect them to all your LOB apps and systems
  • How to provide the single sign-on and self-service benefits users expect.

We’ll cover key Active Directory (on-premises), cloud only and write-back scenarios – and all supported by informative demonstrations.

Unleashing the power of Azure Sentinel

The Workshop Hall
Greg Heard, Security Managed Services Lead
A deep dive into Microsoft’s latest cloud-native SIEM tool.

Understand the value of Sentinel in protecting your organisation and get expert guidance on threat hunting with machine learning, AI and more. Includes Microsoft guest speaker (Paul Cullimore).

With many security telemetry sources available within your organisation, it’s critical that you bring them all together and apply some rules. This is typically achieved through the deployment of a SIEM.

Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel is a cloud native SIEM with a difference! We’ll demonstrate how easy it is to bring all your data feeds into a single area combined with powerful machine learning, automation and orchestration capabilities.

This workshop will dig deep into the mechanics and capabilities of Azure Sentinel via a live console.

Changing user behaviour for the new remote working norm

The Workshop Hall
Harini Bandara, Head of Business Transformation
Understand how to exploit Microsoft 365 capabilities to embrace the new remote working norm while adopting behaviours to continually improve ways of working. More

Employees spend over 80% of their time on emails, calls and in meetings, so the importance of successfully adopting collaboration tools in a dispersed workforce cannot be overlooked. 

The ‘new normal’ can vary for different organisations when considering individuals, their scenarios and the flexibility required to work at their best.  

Join us in the workshop to explore: 

  • Considerations for technology, security and your people in the new remote working norm  
  • Microsoft 365 capabilities which support the different norms  
  • Key principles of adopting new behaviours and continually adapting to an evolving workplace  
  • Tools to help you through the transition 
2:40 – 3:40 Session two workshops – take your pick

Choose ONE workshop between the 2:40 – 3:40 time slot.

Enjoy a mix of business value, technical and cross-functional workshops - helping to tackle a range of business challenges.

The choice conundrum? Don’t worry if there’s more than one workshop you’d like to watch. They’re all being recorded for easy on-demand viewing.

IGA ROI – Understand the real value of identity governance

The Workshop Hall
Nigel Lambourn, Solutions and Delivery Lead
Understand and build the business case for identity governance in your organisation, based around three critical areas: cost, compliance, and risk reduction. This workshop is also delivered by Joe Liptrot, Head of Identity. More

Discover the hidden costs of not implementing effective identity governance (IGA) processes and learn what to look and ask for when selecting the right IGA vendor for you.

Nigel and Joe will show you how to make the business case for investment in identity governance and administration solutions in your organisation. They’ll discuss the complex risk landscape organisations are facing and how IGA solutions can solve the challenge.

No CISO? No problem…

The Workshop Hall
Mat Richards, Head of Mobility and Security
Perfect for organisations in need of a CISO type role.

A masterclass on how to elevate responsibility for security and compliance out of the traditional IT silo. This workshop also features Mark Dennis, Managing Director (Evolve North).

Are you struggling with incident management, subject access requests, compliance auditing, building out assurance frameworks or increasing security awareness at board level?

We’ll showcase a brand new ‘virtual CISO’ managed service – perfect for uplifting your security and compliance processes.

Learn how a CISO-as-a-service model can help you:

  • Add 100+ years or extensive compliance experience to your leadership team, including handling ICO, FCA, PCI DSS and more
  • Provide better ROI and scalability vs. a full time CISO resource
  • Elevate security and compliance risks and reporting at board level
  • Improve security awareness throughout the organisation and avoid silos

It’s identity management, Jim, but not as we know it

The Workshop Hall
Simon Veale, Identity Architect
Not just for the Trekkies…

Discover a new tool to turbo-charge your identity systems with intelligent reporting and management solutions your users and admins will love. This workshop is also delivered by Gwyn Jenkins, Support Lead.

If you feel the pain from identity management health, identity reporting, root cause analysis, regression testing and high levels of support calls, then this is the session for you.

Simon and Gwyn will demonstrate how you can bring identity reporting intelligence to the Microsoft stack. They’ll show you how Identity Panel and Service Panel solutions from SoftwareIDM can automate a lot of those painful identity management processes – and reduce calls into your support desk.

This workshop includes technical demonstrations and a chance for an in-depth Q&A with our in-house experts.

Do you have a plan for PIM and PAM?

The Workshop Hall
Dave Guest, Technology Evangelist
In the post-COVID remote working world, effective management of privileged access to your sensitive data and systems just got a whole lot more important. Do you have a plan? More

People have been talking about ‘least privilege’ for years. But how do you manage it and how do people get just the right amount of access they need – for the right amount of time?

Dave will demonstrate how privileged identity management (PIM) and privileged access management (PAM) work together to solve your complex access challenges – allowing individuals access to administer services using only the access privileges that they need.

Dave will also highlight key implementation considerations.

Mobile device and desktop management – post COVID-19

The Workshop Hall
Tom Waller, Security Architect
Your one-stop masterclass in secure device management in the new remote working world. Discover Microsoft’s latest developments with Endpoint Manager, Intune, Secure Modern Desktop, autopilot and more… More

In the remote working world, you can still achieve seamless productivity without compromising on security.

Our resident enterprise mobility expert, Tom Waller, will demonstrate how to provide a seamless and secure end-to-end device management experience.

Tom will show you the joined up security and productivity features of Windows 10 and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

This workshop includes a demonstration. See how to provision and set-up new user equipment and devices in a remote working world using autopilot and Microsoft Modern Desktop principles.

In-house vs. Managed Security Services – Your questions answered

The Workshop Hall
Greg Heard, Security Managed Services Lead
Greg addresses key operational, commercial and assurance factors that organisations must consider when building a threat monitoring and incident response capability. More

If you have questions about the benefits and viability of outsourcing certain cyber security process vs. managing in-house – this is the session for you!

Understand the technical, people, process, and hidden costs of setting up and maintaining an in-house security operations centre (SOC) or SIEM.

Our resident security managed services expert Greg Heard will share his 20+ years of experience in the sector, discussing common questions and key considerations all organisation must address when considering /selecting the perfect managed security partner.

3:50 - 4:50 Session three workshops – take your pick

Choose ONE workshop between the 3:50 – 4:50 time slot.

Enjoy our mix of business value, technical and cross-functional workshops - helping to tackle a range of business challenges.

The choice conundrum? Don’t worry if there’s more than one workshop you’d like to watch. They’re all being recorded for easy on-demand viewing.

The path to passwordless (authentication)

The Workshop Hall
Dave Guest, Technology Evangelist
Find out how to fix your biggest security black hole.

Dave takes you on a voyage through MFA and modern authentication, including demonstrations of Yubico’s passwordless authentication solutions. This workshop is also delivered by Nic Sarginson, Principle Solutions Engineer (Yubico).

Passwords are known as the weakest link for enterprise security.

‘qwerty’, ‘mypassword’, and ‘covid19’ are all examples of passwords that should not be used (but probably are). Moving to ‘passwordless’ authentication is now possible.

Windows Hello for Business, FIDO2, and Microsoft Authenticator all are pieces of the jigsaw puzzle on moving away from a reliance on passwords.

But what are the requirements to make this work for you and where do you start?

Join Yubico and ThirdSpace to:

  • Examine the four options for authentication using a key
  • Discuss the future of the FIDO2 authentication standard
  • See the benefits of a truly passwordless approach to managing your user identities

Solving complex cross platform access governance with cloud PAM

The Workshop Hall
Joe Liptrot, Senior Architect
Understand how Saviynt’s Cloud PAM solution can integrate with Microsoft to significantly reduce your attack surface and mitigate risks while saving valuable time for service desk and managers. More

Allow identity to be the common denominator across cloud services, on-premises apps, and SaaS-based applications.

We’ll show you how Cloud PAM from Saviynt can integrate with Microsoft PIM to control and limit access to privileged resources. Get easy to apply ‘just-in-time’ access controls spanning on-premises and SaaS applications.

We’ll demonstrate how Cloud PAM can reduce your attack surface and risk while also improving your governance processes with a single pane of glass view of access and simplified processes.

Building a coordinated, fully integrated threat defence with MTP

The Workshop Hall
Paul Rouse, EMS Consultant
A masterclass on the new Microsoft Threat Protection solution.

We’ll get under the hood and show you how this integrated, holistic suite of tools can protect your organisation. This workshop is also delivered by Paul Rouse, Security Consultant.

Frustrated and confused by portal and product sprawl? Fed up of wasting precious resource on manual alert investigations?

Join us to learn how Microsoft Threat Protection automatically combines and correlates signals from endpoints, email, identity, and applications to supercharge your SOC capability – ensuring you can deal with sophisticated attacks.

Our experts walk through the investigatory experience to demonstrate how an advanced multistage attack is identified and remediated with minimal effort based on the power of MTP.

Witness the power of advanced hunting and custom detection rules – and come away with a clear understanding of where MTP can enhance your defences.

External Identity Masterclass - A closer look at new B2B and B2C developments in Azure AD

The Workshop Hall
Marcus Idle, Head of CIAM
Learn how you can use Azure AD B2C for flexible customer single sign-on and authentication across multiple platforms, while providing unparalleled security and scalability. More

Microsoft’s own external identity product managers will Join ThirdSpace’s resident expert Marcus Idle for a detailed look at the new Azure B2B and B2C functionality now brought together under the Microsoft’s new External Identities umbrella.

Learn how you can use external identities (or B2X) for flexible single sign-on and authentication across multiple platforms, while providing unparalleled security and scalability.

We’ll demonstrate access governance features and new detailed user sign-in (user flow) functionality.

‘Life in lockdown’ for your important information

The Workshop Hall
John Hur, Security Architect
Learn how Microsoft Information Protection helps you track, trace, classify, and protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels. This workshop is also delivered by Mark Warnes (Senior Consultant) More

With more remote working enforced by lockdown, your data is being accessed from a wider range of locations and devices than ever before. How can you shield your data from exposure whilst supporting your users to be productive?

This workshop will look at how Microsoft Information Protection can be used to understand and indicate the sensitivity of your unstructured data, prevent it from leaving your trusted environment, and protect it wherever it is stored or accessed.

The secret sauce for delivering real business change

The Workshop Hall
Harini Bandara, Head of Business Transformation
Discover the 3 key ingredients of any successful technology change project. With a generous sprinkling of change management, culture, user behaviours and communication stirred in. More

Research demonstrates there are 3 key factors for project success:

  • Having strong sponsorship to ensure that the ‘motivation to change’ flows down from the top.
  • Strong project management to deliver the technical initiative according to set timeline and budget.
  • Adoption and change management, which puts a focus on the people and the way they work.

Many organisations are historically strong in one or two of these areas, but only the most successful resource each area equally.

In this workshop, we will show you the tools and tricks to align the 3 key factors and provide insight into the challenges faced by end-users as a result of many technology projects.

4:50 onwards

Ask the experts

Networking Lounge and exhibition
If you’re still hungry for more, find a ThirdSpacer, or one of our sponsors, in the exhibition hall or networking space. We’ll be available to help with any questions from the day.
Wednesday, 21 October
Tuesday, 20 October
Register your place
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