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Azure AD Identity Protection

Discover, investigate, and remediate identity-based risks within your organisation – smarter security with Microsoft’s Azure AD Identity Protection.

The number of attacks against IT systems is simply eyewatering.

In 2018, Microsoft reported its identity systems had received 350,000 password spray attacks, 4.6 billion breach replay attacks, and 23 million phishing risk events – each attributed to a single month.

There hasn’t been any let up since. Phishing emails increased by over 600% in February 2020 (Barracuda Networks) – and new threats continue to emerge.

While Microsoft continues its fight against unauthorised access and fraud, there are steps your organisation can take to protect its IT infrastructures immediately.

Azure AD Identity Protection allows you to discover, investigate, and remediate identity-based risks in your environment using some of the best machine learning out there.

Azure AD Identity Protection helps you:

  • Validate users appropriately when they require system access
  • Identify user actions that could put your systems at risk
  • Quickly detect when a user’s credentials have been breached
  • Understand typical user behaviour – so you can spot abnormalities
A buyer’s guide to Microsoft Enterprise Security

A buyer’s guide to Microsoft Enterprise Security

Remove the complexity from Microsoft’s comprehensive security technology ecosystem. Download the 43-page e-Guide today and understand:

  • What Microsoft security technologies exist – and their key features and benefits
  • How each technology integrates and works together to maximise your security
  • Microsoft 365 licensing requirements – including a handy infographic
Download e-Guide

It only takes one compromised account

With attacks on the rise, organisations need a faster, automated, and intelligent approach to protect their users’ identities. Remember, it only takes one compromised account to trigger a security breach.

Your challenges:

Real or fake?

It's almost impossible to distinguish between a user’s genuine login and a potential security attack.

Human error

Your employees are human. They make mistakes. They may click that suspicious looking email link.

Poor visibility

Unable to identify inappropriate user behaviour from typical actions and respond accordingly.

Remote workforce

Loss of control as remote workers demand anytime, anywhere access on their device of choice.

We have engaged with ThirdSpace on a number of key projects in the IAM space. They have greatly increased the pace at which we’ve been able to adopt new technologies, both in terms of deployment and business transformation services.

Jonathan James Security Officer Welsh Water

The thing that stands out about ThirdSpace is their level of professionalism and the experience they have in the identity and access management space. They are market leaders and that really shows.

Stuart Purkiss-Webb Infrastructure Architect Aviva

Safer, simpler, and more reliable protection

Azure AD Identity Protection streamlines security processes for everyone: simplified sign-ins for users and automated workflows for IT teams.

You'll benefit from:

Risk identification

Quickly and automatically determine a user’s potential risk level when they sign in.

Remediation triggers

Trigger specific actions based on a user’s risk level – or highlight for further investigation.

Better intelligence

Understanding typical user behaviours ensures anything unusual is reported immediately.

Zero trust

Validating every user is the first step in achieving better security across your entire organisation.

Automated alerts

If user credentials are leaked, administrators are automatically alerted to take appropriate action.

Safer remote working

Get peace of mind with extra security controls for remote working and regular system reviews.


What checks does Azure AD Identity Protection perform when a user signs in?

Identity Protection performs a combination of separate checks to identify potential issues when a user signs in.

These include:

  • Anonymous IP address – sign in from an anonymous IP address.
  • Atypical travel – sign in from an atypical location based on the user's recent sign-ins.
  • Malware linked IP address – sign in from an IP address linked to malware.
  • Unfamiliar sign-in properties – sign in with properties not seen recently for the given user.
  • Leaked credentials – indicates that the user's valid credentials have been leaked.
  • Password spray – indicates that multiple usernames are being attacked using common passwords in a unified, brute-force manner.
  • Azure AD threat intelligence – Microsoft's internal and external threat intelligence sources have identified a known attack pattern.

Our clients

We’re here to help!

We’re here to help!

If you’ve got any questions about this technology – our experts will have the answers.

If you’re looking to deploy this technology within your business, we can help you cut costs and maximise performance. Our team specialises in:

  • Planning and design – including pilots and proof-of-concepts to test viability.
  • Deployment and adoption – seamless installation and activation.
  • Managed support – keep your solution running securely and efficiently.
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A buyer’s guide to Microsoft security

Understand what each Microsoft technology does and how they all integrate.

Download 43-page Guide

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